My car overheats and it doesn’t have a thermostat.

My car overheats and it doesn't have a thermostat.
My car overheats and it doesn’t have a thermostat.

What if my car doesn’t have a thermostat?

Running a car without the thermostat will cause the engine overheats Because the coolant passes through the engine too fast and will not allow the coolant to absorb heat from the engine. If you reinstall a new thermostat and the engine still overheats then you need to see if a head gasket is burned or if the cooling fan clutch is damaged. If both are fine, you should check that the coolant is flowing well through the radiator. If the radiator has clogged cores, the engine will seize. will overheat.

What does a thermostat do?

Your car’s thermostat is a vital component that is actually quite simple. It is a valve located in the cooling system of your car. Its job is to regulate how much coolant is recirculated back to the engine and how much it cools through the radiator before recirculating.. This ensures that your engine coolant stays within a specific temperature range.regardless of the outside temperature. The valve is opened and closed by a spring, piston, or other thermally controlled device.

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