MX – The “pirate” leader of “Los Salazar” died in a road accident at the Cerro Colorado racetrack in Hermosillo (+VIDEO)


Jesus Francisco Sarrazin Lorh known as “pirate” leader of “The Salazars”lost his life in a traffic accident at the Cerro Colorado racetrack in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Leader of “Los Salazar” dies in traffic accident

The main operator of the criminal group “The Salazars” in Sonora, he tragically died after participating in a car accident after competing in clandestine races at full speed at the Cerro Colorado racetrack, west of Hermosillo.

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The Attorney General of Justice in Sonora (FGJE) notified that one of the main generators of violence in the entity was already transferred without vital signs to the Clinic 14 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), by two of those present at the event to be attended.

“The pirate” entered the hospital under the name of Efren Saul Yocupicio Coloradoa false name so as not to show his true identity, however, by presenting a 22-caliber firearm in his clothing, he was identified by the authorities.

The Sonora Prosecutor’s Office confirmed his death after a racing accident to the west of Hermosillo, a video that was published on social networks, where the criminal leader is allegedly seen when he loses control of the racing car type dragster at the racetrack.

“The person identified as a generator of violence in the entity suffered an accident this Friday afternoon when he hit his vehicle in competitions held at a racetrack. It is investigated”, communicated the State Prosecutor’s Office.

“The pirate” He had an arrest warrant for the crime of illegal deprivation of liberty. Together with various records in the State Security Boardwhere they place it as priority criminal objective due to its high level of danger.

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