MX: SAT BC asks to reschedule the missed appointments for the regularization of cars in Baja California

A large number of people have stopped attending their regularization appointments, which is why the SAT has requested that the forms be redone to comply with this legal procedure.

Because a large number of people for some reason have missed the appointment to regularize a used car of foreign origin, the SAT offered to reschedule the process. For this, they only have to approach the Vehicle Public Registry Module (REPUVE) assigned, mentioned Gustavo Santos Hernandez Valenzueladirector of Baja California Tax Administration Service.

This, according to Hernández, is due to the fact that in recent days the number of people absent on the day and time scheduled in the REPUVE Modules has increasedso citizens are invited not to miss the opportunity to finalize the process to regularize Chocholá cars in Baja California.

He also recalled that The date on which the Decree issued by the President of Mexico ends is approachingAndrés Manuel López Obrador, for which a wake-up call is made to the citizens interested in go to regularize cars before December 31.

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The official noted that Baja California remains the federal entity that has regularized the most vehicles to dateregistering more than 180 thousand cars till the date.

In addition, he highlighted that all the municipalities of the State have REPUVE Moduleswho have achieved a fluid service dynamic, completing the process in a few minutes and avoiding long waiting periods.

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