MX – Granny speaks after being run over by 24 older adults who were waiting for a pension: “I experienced moments of horror”


granny after run over by older adults in Tamaulipas, Mexico, said they were moments of anguish.

Moments of horror were lived during the outrage of older adults

Anahí Gomez Rico After a strong impact that left her unconscious on the ground for a few moments, the grandmother says that when she woke up she saw a terrible scene.

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“There were people lying around, bloodied, I didn’t know what happened, everyone was screaming, crying. The only thing she thought about was walking towards the sidewalk, but I only managed to sit down, she was very scared to see so many people covered in blood ”, She counts without being able to contain her tears.

anahí He was queuing up to collect his daughter’s disability pension when a vehicle crashed into the module of the Wellness Bank on Francisco I. Madero street in the downtown area of ​​Río Bravo, Tamaulipas.

More than 30 people, almost all of them elderly, were waiting under an awning that was set up outside the bank.

An older adult, driving a white car, lost control of the unit and crashed into a traffic patrol that was watching the place. After the collision, the two cars ran over the people in the tail.

anahí 40-year-old is in a bed in the Rio Bravo General Hospital and although his injuries are not that serious, he thanks God that he did not go with his daughter.

“I left my daughter at home, thank God I didn’t bring her because then the story would have been different, because I was recharged in the traffic patrol.”

“The first thing I saw was some gentlemen who were on the sidewalk, unconscious and covered in blood, I didn’t know what happened, it sounded like a crash but I didn’t know what hit the patrol car and pushed us.”

Doctors took head and chest X-rays to determine the consequences of the impact.

“I want to ask the authorities not to do that, that they no longer pay under these conditions because we were on the street, they put us at risk, it was the first time we had collected from that bank, before they quoted us at Parque Las Liebres.”

Elisha Pinon 64-year-old woman was shopping when she crossed Francisco I. Madero street and saw the car at full speed.

“The car was coming at full speed, I was paralyzed and that was when it threw me, the traffic took the hardest blow because it was in the middle, I did not lose consciousness but I no longer wanted to see, there were many people who were bloody, I heard the screams many crying.”

A Elysium the impact caused severe pain in his hip and a wound in his arm, which received sutures.

“They took X-rays, thank God I can walk even though it hurts a lot, they discharged me but they told me that if I felt bad to come back.”

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