MX – Famous YouTuber invites to march in CDMX against the new motorcycle regulations: “it is a matter of classism” (+Video)

YouTuber invites to march in CDMX against motorcycle regulations
Image courtesy of El Universal – YouTuber invites to march in CDMX against motorcycle regulations

A famous youtuber who uploads content from motorcyclesstated that the changes in the traffic regulations for motorcyclists It is “a matter of classism” and invites to march in CDMX against it.

Regarding this, the youtuber named José Luis Pozos uploaded to his channel “on2Wheels” a video with the title “it is time to UNITE AGAINST the GOVERNMENT”, where he presented his points of view about the new motorcycle regulations brought by the government of Mexico.

Youtuber against new motorcycle regulations

Pozos stated in this regard that he found it quite interesting that the new regulations were promoted in the middle of the soccer cup, additionally he is on his way to the Moto Expo, events that might have distracted motorcyclists.

In the video, the motorcyclist assured that the new regulations brought quite interesting points and very good ones, such as licenses for delivery people, the special helmet for motorcyclists or motorcycle insurance.

However, regarding the exclusion of motorcycles under 600cc on primary roads, he assured that it was a “classism issueof class division, brutal, because it is to bring this division up to date, of those who have the possibility vs. those who do not have the possibility at the moment to access a motorcycle with a greater displacement ».

The video also shows clips of Andres Lajous, head of the Mobility Secretariat of Mexico City, explaining the subject. Although the youtuber called this “nonsense” and began to refute Lajous’s arguments.

This video was uploaded on November 19 and currently has more than 39,000 views.

YouTuber invites to march in CDMX against motorcycle regulations

First, it maintained that supposedly the 250cc motorcycles They do not have the safety conditions to drive on controlled access roads, which the youtuber refuted with examples of various motorcycles that do.

The government’s next argument focused on the infrastructure, stating that it does not benefit these motorcycles. Basically trying to express that the road is not suitable for low displacement motorcycles. Regarding this, the youtuber stated that “this is an issue that must be fixed, the potholes have to be fixed by the governmentIt’s part of their obligations.”

YouTuber invites to march in CDMX against motorcycle regulations
YouTuber invites to march in CDMX against motorcycle regulations

Next, they stated that a motorcycle larger than 600cc, due to its dimensions, could not leak between the cars, to which the motorcyclist stated that when you have a motorcycle with a larger displacement, driving is therefore more offensive than defensive and requested the authorities don’t tell lies

Finally, his counterargument with the government’s sayings, that the deaths are due to skids, during weekend nights, on low-cylinder motorcycles, the youtuber requested that the data on the number of motorcyclists who had caused accidents be shared and how many were due to alcohol.

In the same way, he asked the authorities to report who were the alleged groups of motorcyclists with whom they met in order to structure the changes in the regulation. In the end, he called on the rest of the motorcyclists to organize to march and demand that this regulation not be carried out.

It is worth mentioning that on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 22, motorcyclists demonstrated in the semovi to demand that the changes not be carried out, actions that ended in blows with elements of the SSC.


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