MX: Extortionist ends up burned after setting fire to truck in CDMX (+Video)

A video circulates on social networks where you can see a extortionist in CDMX setting fire to a vehicle, but in the process it explodes and ends up trapping the offender in a ball of fire.

“HE IS AN EXTORTIONER… AND HE IS AN IMBECILE This is how he sprayed this truck with gasoline in the streets of @Alc_Iztapalapa An accomplice shoots the house. When he sets it on fire, it explodes on top of him… and he goes all burned. If you know him, report him at @SSC_CDMX or @FiscaliaCDMX”, reads the journalist’s tweet Carlos Jimenez, who shares the record.

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In Mexico there is an increase in the crime of extortion, a situation that is related to the lack of resources to investigate and prosecute the perpetrators, as well as the lack of access to justice for the victims. We must also consider the lack of confidence in the authorities, and the existence of powerful criminal mafias.

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Extortion is an illegal act that consists of force someone to do or not to do something by threat or use of force.

In Iztapalapa, Instead, extortion is prosecuted by the authorities and can carry serious criminal penalties. In case of being a victim of extortion, it is recommended to report it to the competent authorities.

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