Mundial 4×4 Diariomotor: the SUV that stood up to a king of 4×4 [EP6-11]


Second quarterfinals in the 4×4 Diariomotor World Championship. The phase jump has brought a significant increase in difficulty in the Ocaña circuit, which in addition to much more difficult tests for our participants, also translates into a plus show for the spectators. Today two cars face each other that talk about 4×4 in a very different wayLand Rover Defender and Volkswagen Touareg, but nevertheless they will give us a fairly close duel, in addition to dismantling more than one myth.

With the group stages clearly showing the difference between cars, the move to the second round begins to put each opponent in their place. The increase in the difficulty of the tests also helps us to begin to see the true limit of the carswhich is undoubtedly a highly appetizing menu for off-road lovers.

Our first participant today is the volkswagen touarega luxury SUV that managed to get through the first round of qualifying quite easily by showing that its status as an SUV with a family and urban vocation is not at odds with good off-road capabilities. And so, the Touareg V6 TDI that we can see in Ocaña, shows off a 258mm ground clearance and a effective traction control as the best weapons for driving 4×4, being penalized by more modest levels than those of its rival today, in addition to the absence of a gearbox.


The duel Defender Vs. Touareg leaves us with great moments and the elimination of more than one prejudice

For its part, the Land Rover Defender is already uncovered as one of the clear favorites of this world championship. To achieve this, the Defender that we are putting to the test today in Ocaña is equipped with the best of the brand in off-roading, highlighting the 291mm ground clearance that is capable of reaching and a traction control specially tuned to overcome any obstacle off the asphalt. But also, despite the fact that this unit did not install the rear differential lock that the Defender can optionally carry, the British SUV continues to offer great 4×4 capabilities such as the presence of a gearbox or some very good angles to face slopes and sinkholes without fear of getting stuck.

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