Motochorro stole Korean streamer Jinnytty’s cell phone during a live broadcast on the streets of Chile, everything was recorded (+ Video)

Twitch broadcasts listed as irl are increasingly common among Spanish-speaking content creators. These are dedicated to streaming trips in different latitudes.

One of those creators is jinnytty, who will probably never forget his I pass through Argentina and Chile. A few days ago the Korean girl his cell phone was stolen in full transmission on the streets of Buenos Aires. His followers were able to observe the flight of the thief in motorcycle.

The situation is repeated in Chile, specifically in the streets of downtown Santiago. The young woman was crossing a green traffic light and, without her noticing, a motorcycle snatched her work tool. The stream lasted about 30 more seconds before the offender shut down the streming.

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Minutes later, the girl posted a tweet to see if the thief felt sorry and returned the device, which did not happen.

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He also shared a post where he shows that he did not carry his phone without protection.

“The lanyard was wrapped around my arm and I was holding the broadcast phone so tightly because I know there might be thieves who steal the phone, but he snatched it really hard from me,” says.

It is likely that after this experience jinnytty do not set foot on South American lands again.

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