Mini Aceman EV spied while stuck in Munich traffic

new images of mini aceman have been produced in Germany. Munich city traffic allowed Motor1 photographers to get detailed pictures of the test car with camouflage.

The wrap is similar to the Aceman prototype sighting, only this time the small crossover is not hidden in an automatic transport. In these images you can better detail the size, being smaller than the Electric Countryman, coming to replace the Clubman in the Mini lineup.

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In this way the Countryman it would go ahead with internal combustion, while the Aceman opts for sustainable mobility.

This model should be very spacious. Without engines, transmissions, exhaust systems or tanks that get in the way.

So there will be more space for passengers compared to the larger Countryman. In addition, it will be mounted on a dedicated electric platform developed by the manufacturer Great Wall.

It is worth mentioning that the aceman concept debuted in June 2022, with a familiar Mini look but with a solid grill and angular headlights. The prototype of the images allows to observe the headlights pointing inwards with five sides of view.

The oval shape around the lights is just a red herring to confuse to the clueless. The door handles are BMW-style and the Union Jack lights are visible in the rear area.

The interior is still a mystery, the concept featured a minimalist look with a large round screen in the middle and a projection system that illuminates the board.

This projector is not expected to make it to the production model of the Aceman, but the round screen is.

The wait for the reveal is estimated to be a long one, as reports point to 2024, although that could only be a reference to the model year. Otherwise, the camouflage could be out soon.

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