Millions of drivers, forced to carry out a procedure in Traffic to continue relating to the DGT


The arrival of Internet to our day to day it has brought important advantages to our lives: to begin with, if the internet had not become popular in the way it has, you probably would not be reading diariomotor and possibly the editorial team that composes it would not have met, at least not as we have done in the current circumstances. In any case, The internet has also changed the way drivers have to relate to the DGTand the latest legal measure approved a few weeks ago attests to this.

At this point, it is difficult to think of or find a driver who, at least, does not know about the existence of the Electronic Headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic, a web portal that allows drivers, managers and, in general, users to interact in quickly and effectively with the DGT. Every so often the functionalities of this Electronic Office are expanded, and today there are already dozens of procedures that can be carried out through it.

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A few weeks ago, the Directorate General for Traffic modified the way of notifying and communicating with millions of drivers, who have been forced to carry out a procedure with which they can continue “dealing” with the DGT. We are talking about the Electronic Road Address, an electronic mailbox in which you can register to receive the communications and notifications that the DGT has to do electronically. These notifications have the same legal effects as the notification on paper. Until a couple of months ago, registering with this Electronic Road Address was voluntary for everyone, but since last November 1, 2022, it has become mandatory for millions of drivers.


Legal persons, obliged to use the Electronic Road Address

All legal persons (ie companies, foundations, associations or civil societies, etc) with vehicle must be incorporated into this platform, through which they will receive the different notifications from the DGT that to date they also received in physical format and that since the aforementioned November 1 they are no longer sent on paper.

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To register in this mailbox it is necessary to use a valid digital certificate and provide an email and a mobile phone where to receive notices of pending notifications. In case of not registering, the DGT itself will automatically assign a road electronic addresswhere the pertinent notifications will be made, and you must remember that If an email or mobile phone number is not communicated to the DGT for this purpose, notices of the availability of notifications of traffic fines will not be received without this implying an exemption in case of being penalized.

If you are a natural person, this procedure is still voluntary, but if you wish you can also register. In this case, however, the General Directorate of Traffic will continue to send you the pertinent notifications in physical format, although of course you will also have a copy in your electronic mailbox. Yes indeed, You must be clear that in the event of being notified electronically, the terms begin to count from that moment even if you have not yet received the physical notification.

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