Mexico: Puebla will implement the “No Circula Today” for cars with foreign license plates

This Friday, December 2, the Ministry of the Environment, Sustainable Development and Territorial Planning of Puebla (smadsot) announced that new provisions will enter into force shortly and, one of the most relevant, is the movement restriction for cars with foreign license plates. The objective is take care of the environment.

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The aforementioned entity will apply a regulation that will oblige drivers with foreign license plates to process a special tourist pass or request a permit to validate the verification of other entities or process it in Puebla.

How to obtain the tourist pass in Puebla?

The measure enters into force as of January 1, 2023 and Smadsot will be in charge of grant the aforementioned tourist pass, as well as the vehicle witness hologram. It is a free process.

Requirements to process

The Tourist Pass can be granted once a semester with a validity of 14 days twice a semester with a valid for five days each. Also four times a semester, but the validity is reduced to three days, indicates the state agency.

  • *Enter the following link:
  • *Vehicle circulation card.
  • *Year, model, license plate and state of origin of the vehicle.

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