Mexico: pipe truck overturns and causes asphalt and diesel spill in Salamanca

The driver of a truck lost control behind the wheel due to the heavy weight of the vehicle and ended up overturned in Salamanca.

This Wednesday, November 2, it was reported through the press that the The driver of a double-tank truck loaded with thousands of liters of asphalt lost control of the vehicle.what caused him a terrible accident everything spilled its content to dump in the Libramiento Oriente.

Notice of the accident was given to 911 at 6:30 p.m.reporting what happened on the Celaya to Valle de Santiago bypass, in front of the El Pitayo neighborhood.

In addition, the authorities also confirmed that the unit spilled asphalt and dieselalso that the driver was uninjured. Firefighters, police, Red Cross and Civil Protection moved to the scene of the accident.

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At the time the truck arrived at the site of the rollover, the blue pipe that was coupled with two containers of 35 thousand liters of asphalt eachonly one had capsized.

Thus, firefighters built a dike to prevent further spillage of asphalt and diesel; lifeguards checked the driver, about 45 years old, did not present serious injuries.

The accident occurred when the driver lost control of the pipe on the way up the access curve to the bypass.

traffic was closed while they were being carried out, the material scattered in the Libramiento Norte was picked up and the pipe was taken away.

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