Mexico: Driver runs over 10 elderly people trained to collect their pension in Tamaulipas

At least 10 seniors were injured after being hit by a car in the municipality of Bravo River, on the US-Mexico border.

According to Irving Mojica neighborhoods, Attorney General of Justice of Tamaulipas was a multiple run over against senior citizens, who were waiting for collect your pension.

Local media reported on a detainee at the scene, although he was not identified. I know presumes it could be the driver of the car.

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They report multiple run overs of older adults who were going to collect their #welfare pension in #RíoBravo. It is mentioned there are 10 injured and one detainee. @FGJ_TAM staff working on site”, said the prosecutor on his Twitter account.

Preliminary reports say that the responsible was driving a white car and was arrested.

At the moment there are no details about the state of the injured and if they were transferred to a care center.

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