MEXICO – Blockade again with burning cars Celaya, Guanajuato


Antisocial groups set cars on fire and once again block roads Celaya in Guanajuato-Mexico.

Blockades in Celaya with burning cars

An armed commando killed a municipal police officer and injured two officers in the Rincón de Tamayo community this morning, where there were also blockades with burning cars at various points in Celaya, Guanajuato.

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Three subjects were deprived of liberty for allegedly being part of the acts of violence generated in the sector.

Several drivers were intimidated by the criminals until they got out of their cars and then proceeded to set them on fire.

They also burned a water delivery truck, another from Bimbo and another company, on the Pan-American highway that goes to Los Apaseos and on the Juventino Rosas state highway, in the San Miguel de Allende bypass.

They found more units burned in Comonfort, Apaseo el Grande, Cortazar and Santa Cruz de Juventino Rosas.

The authorities reported a civilian deceased by impact with a firearm in the Los Olivos subdivision.

A food stall was vandalized by at least ten armed individuals. Of which three subjects were arrested by the police.

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