Mercedes C-Class and S-Class receive update for MBUX infotainment system

Mercedes C-Class and S-Class receive MBUX update
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Mercedes C-Class and S-Class receive MBUX update

Mercedes-Benz is giving two of its most popular models an upgrade in the infotainment department. The last generations of mercedes c-class and S-Class receive an over-the-air update for the MBUX infotainment systemwhich brings a new and more functional user interface.

Mercedes C-Class and S-Class receive MBUX update

The call Zero Layer comes from electric models eqs and eqe and introduces a new screen with a large map view and individual selection blocks. These tiles provide quick and intuitive access to different features without having to scroll through submenus. In addition, the system learns user behavior and remembers the typical settings or paths that you use most often. Once it has collected enough information, it starts suggesting custom features.

Mercedes even gives an example of how this works. self-learning technology: Imagine that you are calling your family on your way home from work every night. The system will eventually learn such a habit and suggest a phone call at the right time with a tile in the top menu; Of course, the user can reject this suggestion.

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Image courtesy of Motor1 – Mercedes C-Class and S-Class receive MBUX update

The OTA update it also brings more features based on artificial intelligence, such as Energizing Comfort, which is a relaxing massage during long trips. This and other functions are automatically offered to the user based on their behavior during a certain period of time. The developers call these self-learning features Magic Modules.


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Zero Layer Interface

The Zero Layer interface debuted in 2021 with the EQS and EQE electric sedans. Now standard on all vehicles new C-Class and S-Class, and is also available for existing series vehicles via an over-the-air update. As soon as the update is ready for installation, customers will be notified via the MBUX infotainment system and by the Mercedes me application. Future series models from the Stuttgart-based brand will also get this new software.

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Image courtesy of Motor1 – Mercedes C-Class and S-Class receive MBUX update

“We have been offering over-the-air updates since 2013. We give our customers the opportunity to update their vehicles with the latest software throughout the term, whenever and wherever they want. The Zero Layer update offers a 100% personalized and intuitive user experience, with all relevant functions always in view,” said Mercedes‑Benz Software Director Magnus Östberg.

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