McLaren builds an electric scooter with a range of 31 miles

McLaren break out of the supercar mold and build a electric scooter which debuted this week.

Its name is Series 1 and it is made of automotive grade magnesium with a weight of 36 pounds. One of its outstanding features are its 31 miles of electric range and a recharge time of two hours on a conventional three-pin plug.

In addition, it has the patented system flowfold that through a button allows to unfold the hinges of the front and rear wheels and collapses the stem for easy storage.

It also features an “innovative lighting system” to illuminate the driver with a rear-mounted light. The purpose is to make it more visible to traffic and pedestrians. lavoie I designed the scooter with spotlights on the sides to make it physically appear larger and easier to see.

Its front lighting system illuminates the road and its turn signals that are activated from the handlebars. Can’t fail to mention your integrated display screen.

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«We wanted to make a vehicle that was reliable, perfectly functional, powerful, stylish, packed with cutting-edge technology, and built the same way you would a car or motorcycle.“, said Eliott Wertheimer, co-founder of Lavoie.

For now it is unknown when the Series 1 could go on sale, but the order books open next month. The company will publish more details in the coming days.

Electrification allows new mobility solutions, and scooters like the 1 Series are proof of this.

Writing New Electric Autos Source: Engine1

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