Max Verstappen on not letting Checo Pérez pass in Brazil: “I have my reasons”

The competitive cream of Max Verstappen has caused the annoyance of his teammate Sergio Checo Pérez and that of millions of fans who understand why the Dutchman did not give up his position to the Mexican.

The ugly gesture of the world champion has caused a fire inside Red Bull, team that only lacks the runner-up of the Mexican to take everything in this F1 season.

Verstappen has refused to give a little help to the Mexican who is fighting for second place, now held by Charles Leclerc. The sixth position defended by “Mad Max” and Checo needed, meant staying up by two points from the Monegasque.

On all this, the Red Bull number one driver responded in an interview about the causes of not give up the job, It didn’t sound very convincing though.

“We talked about it before with the team, I have my reasons for things that have happened in the past and it is important that we talk about it”, Said Verstappen, who caused the annoyance of his partner and set fire to the internal team. “We have worked very well as a team and I will definitely help him in Abu Dhabi”

These statements come as a response to Pérez’s words in the post-race in Guadalajara.

“It was a very bad day, very low for the team. I do not understand the reasons, and I do not have the information to comment on something”, began Perez.

I am very surprised, I don’t know what happened, I don’t understand his reasons, I think that if he has two world championships it is thanks to me”, added.

It is worth mentioning that the cameras of the international broadcast managed to capture a Harsh reprimand from Red Bull boss Christian Horner the Dutch inside the hospitality of his team.

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We have spoken between the drivers, as a team and I think it is very clear going into Abu Dhabi, Checo is tied on points with Charles and as a team we will do everything we can to help him, the drivers have committed to it “Hosmer said, in a clear intention to put out the fire.

The runner-up will be decided next Sunday in Abu Dhabi, with Charles Leclerc and Sergio Pérez equal on points (290).

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