Man with his car ran over a woman but he had the worst ending you can imagine (+ sensitive video)

Man with his car ran over a woman
Image courtesy of Net Noticias – Man with his car ran over a woman

A subject recently lost his life, after allegedly having committed deplorable acts against other women. And it is that, in October, images recorded in video of a man who hit a woman with his car. Specifically, the event would have taken place in the mayor’s office of Iztapalapa, in Ciudad de Mexico.

But the shocking fact is that the images reveal that the accident could have been something intentional.

Man with his car ran over a woman and this happened

The journalist Carlos Jiménez was the one who broadcast the short video of the intentional attack against the woman. In it, a woman is shown walking down a street at night, when a car quickly appears and runs her over.

After this, the woman gets up with a little difficulty, but the driver did not leave things like that, since he turns the lights off and on and then rush back to her.

However, the woman manages to avoid it by stepping aside, so the car ends up crashing into a tree. Because of this, it seems that he gives up, since he goes back and flees the place.

After the video was released, the news emerged that allegedly would have run over two other womenadding a total of three women to this horror show: two 34 and one 51 years old.

Reason for which the authorities began a search, but could not find his whereabouts, since the aggressor would have been hospitalized on October 29. Same day that he ran over the woman, due to the neighbors took justice into their hands and they gave him one beating.

Neighbors beat him up and he dies in hospital

After the man ran over the third woman with his car that same night, residents of the area who noticed the fact, reached him and hit him with a hammer. the man stayed seriously injured for which he had to be urgently admitted to the Balbuena Hospital.

The subject was identified as Angel Arthur, 31 years old, who, despite being hospitalized, was charged with crimes of injury and attempted femicide. However, due to his precarious state of health, ended up dying on November 8 at the hospital.


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