Let’s breathe easy, Abarth confirms that the 500e will have more powerful and sporty versions


A new era has begun for Abarth with the launch of its first electric car. The scorpion firm presented us just a few days ago with its particular vision of the electric sports car in the form of the Abarth 500e, however There are not a few who have remained somewhat cold with the improvements and benefits of this Abarth. But we can rest easy Abarth has just confirmed that the 500e will continue to evolve and that will mean seeing more powerful and sporty versions.

Maintaining the link with the Fiat 500, Abarth’s first step in electrification has taken place through its 100% electric variant. Aesthetically we find changes that provide a plus of character and personality, which is accompanied by an interior with a more sporty atmosphere, as well as a electric propulsion system that delivers 154 hp and 235 Nm. To all this is added a setup that promises a sportier and more agile behavior than that of its Fiat alternative, even finding different driving profiles to get the most out of the 42 kWh available in its battery.

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But if we take a look at the rest of the Abarth range, where the 595 and 695 still survive, it’s hard not to compare figures for power, performance and improvements at the chassis level. For example, In this new Abarth 500e we have missed the presence of components closely linked to the model such as the KONI FSD shock absorbers or the Brembo brake system. There is obviously little solution to saying goodbye to the Record Monza exhaust, although Abarth has worked hard to have a virtual sound in line with what is expected of an Abarth, and can even install an optional synthesizer that emulates the sound of a gasoline engine.


There will be a more powerful and sporty Abarth 500e, but it will take time to see it on the streets

Thus, the CEO of Abarth Olivier Francois, has been quick to detail the brand’s strategy from this launch. In addition to confirming the arrival of more Abarth models from other Fiat carshas also confirmed that in the plans of the Abarth 500e the arrival of more versions is foreseen, including more powerful variants. Thus, Abarth will replicate the strategy already seen in the 595 and 695 modelsreviewing the 500e from time to time to introduce special series, equipment news, performance improvements, etc.

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