Leave car video games and switch to driving simulation


You like cars and competition, but you cannot drive your car to the limit as you would like, and there are no roads where you can do it with peace of mind and safety. Have you ever tried one? car game, but in an environment where knowing how to drive is not really the most important thing. But, Have you tried a real simulator?

Even though it is a fairly minority world in the digital ocean and video games, the car simulation is taking a huge leap in the digital arena in recent years. The advance in the components allows to put the computers to the limit and the programs. Simulators are getting more and more advanced.

From car video games to simulators

When we talk about driving simulation, and even more about competition, it is try to drive well, to drive, and the higher the immersion, the higher the benefits will be. For this reason, forget about console controls or keyboards beforehand. You need a flyer.

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There is a wide variety of steering wheels on the market, from the simplest to the most professional. Is Basic that the steering wheel has FFB (Force Feedback) that allows the forces generated by the simulator to be transmitted to the steering wheel. You can find very simple flyers starting at €200, reaching prices above €2000 in the case of the most professional ones.

The simulators can transmit any detail of the asphalt and tires, so that the better the steering wheel, the more you will enjoy the experience. The more affordable steering wheels do that, but only up to a limit. When the simulator and the steering wheel exceed a certain force, not anymore today, with which many details are lost.

With more complex steering wheels, you really get to savor the details of good simulators. and the sensations of driving: the hardness of the steering, the sensation of skidding or skidding, the transfer of weights, the vibrations, the understeer…

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Do not forget the pedals. They are as or more important than a good steering wheel and it is a whole world apart, which we will discuss in another post. For now, just say that for a start in the simulation any set of pedals will do. Experience will determine later what type of pedal you need for your simulator.

And then there is the simulator. There’s plenty to choose from here, depending on whether you prefer a more sensation-based experience, pure simulation, or online competition.

We discard the “games” of bumper cars and other arcade games where driving doesn’t really matter, and even those that can be played with a controller or keyboard. In a simulator it is about having a steering wheel in your hands and driving or racing. In future articles we will detail some of the 6 best simulators on the market.

Otherwise, a good pc and a good screen (the bigger the better). They can also be three screens or even virtual reality glasses. On consoles there are also simulators, but not all on all platforms, while on a PC you can have all the simulators and, what is more important, it allows you to configure many parameters, something necessary to get the most out of your virtual experience .

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