Land Cruiser Vs. Hilux, what is the best Toyota in off-road? World 4×4 Diariomotor [EP8-11]


The last chapter of the quarterfinals of the 4×4 World Cup Diariomotor He had in store for us a duel as unexpected as it was suggestive. Toyota against Toyota, the best 4×4 of the Japanese brand face face to face today, a duel between the Toyota Land Cruiser Limited and the Toyota Hilux Invincible that will go down in the history of our channel, and it is that for the first time we will be able to see live and direct two very different ways of understanding the off-road in the same car brand . Are you more of the Land Cruiser or Hilux team?

Toyota’s tradition in the off-road world has been noted in this world championship, and it is that we are facing the only manufacturer that has had double representation in both cars. And coincidences of life, after the crosses seen in the group phases, fate had an interesting duel prepared for us between the two best Toyota 4x4s. A comparison at the highest level between the best SUVs that Toyota sells today in the European market, but each one with a very different technical approach and approach to use.

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On one hand we have a Toyota Land Cruiser Limtied that is heir to a 4×4 formula with decades of history behind itan old-school off-road recipe that boasts notable off-road dimensions, but also a very efficient all-wheel drive system Composed of a reduction gear, lockable center differential, Torsen rear differential and a very decisive traction control designed for off-road driving. If we add to this a robust chassis with stringers and cross members, we have a 4×4 capable of reaching the final of this competition, however before that it will have to demonstrate what it is capable of against one of its toughest rivals, a home-made enemy.


Two quite different ways of understanding 4×4 to give life to a historic duel

And it is that The Toyota Hilux is not just another pick-up, but rather another of the historical kings of 4×4, not only in Toyota, but also in the market. Its vision as a work vehicle is far from that more familiar and versatile approach of the Land Cruiser, but in exchange promises greater robustness and resistance when pushed to the limit. To pass the tests of this last phase of the quarter-finals, he will have to work hard, but that should not be a problem for a car that also uses a chassis of longitudinal members and cross members, lowering, central and rear differential locks and a traction control especially tuned for off-road use.

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What will be the best Toyota in off-road?


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