Lamborghini Huracán crashes and catches fire after being recorded at 186 MPH

The driver of a Lamborghini Huracan and his co-driver were lucky to be alive after crashing and exiting the car fire in Naples, Italy.

The cause of the accident is unknown, but videos of it show some clues as to what could have happened.

The video shows that the Hurricane It accelerated to 300 km/h and the title of the record states that it reached 320 km/h. The clip then shows the exterior of the burnt-out vehicle.

You can also see the right passenger side with the door open and the airbag deployed.

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The front corner of the supercar has sustained considerable damage and one wheel appears to be missing. A large patch of grass on the left side grille, suggesting that the Lamborghini had an excursion over difficult terrain.

The accident was filmed, but everything indicates that the damage and the fact that those involved are well indicates that the accident did not occur while traveling at 199 mph.

According to Fanpage, both occupants got out of the vehicle before the fire raged. The outlet notes that the car hit the guardrail before coming to a stop.

This occurred on the A16 motorway between Naples and Canosa, heading west. The place was closed for a moment for the firefighters to put out the fire.

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