KIA releases a teaser of its Super Bowl 2023 commercial with a hickey

The teasers about the commercials that will be seen at halftime of the Super Bowl LVIII flood the networks. KIA is one of the brands that will say present with a special announcement during this year’s game and its teaser just show a pacifier that leaves us waiting.

Having said that, is not without contextthe image shows a blue pacifier in a tile dreg with a short statement: Find it on 2.12.23. That’s the date of the big game.

We can’t wait to find out what surprise KIA will bring in its ad, which usually cost millions of dollars and last about 30 seconds.

Maybe it’s about the adorable robot dog that he is back to help his new family. It would be a smart marketing strategy to put babies and dogs together.

That’s one of the most curious advances from the automaker, but you have to give KIA the benefit of the doubt. The South Korean company has an experience of 13 previous commercials in the Super Bowl and most of them are pretty good.

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In addition to the robotic dog, in 2017 Melissa McCarthy was on a mission to save the world while driving her KIA Niro. In 2013, a tire-kicking gentleman got the biggest atomic shorts ever seen at the hands of an angry robot model showing off the Forte. Already in 2029, KIA touched the fibers with a wink to Georgia, where the Telluride.

We will have to wait what the firm’s choice will be this time: funny, stimulating, moving or simply adorable. In any case, there may be more teaser before February 12.

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