Kia EV6 GT Shows Off Silent Acceleration At Autobahn Top Speed ​​Run


The GT is the flagship of the Kia EV6 lineup and is the brand’s first high-performance EV. According to official specifications, this powerful model can reach 60 miles per hour (96 kilometers per hour) in 3.4 seconds and reaches a top speed of 161 mph (259 kph). But, what does that mean in the real world? This video demonstrates the vehicle’s capabilities by releasing it on the Autobahn.

EVs are much quieter than combustion powered engines. When the driver puts the throttle to the floor there is a slight whimper at first. However, the noise from the wind and tires quickly overpowers the noise from the powertrain.

With a total of 576 horsepower (430 kilowatts) and 546 pound-feet (740 Newton-meters) coming from its two electric motors, the EV6 GT accelerates effortlessly. Drivers spend most of this video traveling at over 100 mph (161 kph).

As the road clears, drivers push the EV6 GT to even higher speeds. The car reached a speed of 266 kph (165 mph) on the speedometer. The GPS on the speedometer shows a speed of 163 mph (262 kph).

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Kia lists the top speed of the EV6 GT in the United States as 161 mph (259 kph). It is possible that the car will have to go down a slight incline or experience a tailwind to reach a slightly higher speed than the one quoted by the manufacturer in this video.

The EV6 GT has a 77.4 kilowatt-hour battery that gives it an estimated range of 206 miles (332 kilometers) on a single charge, which is the lowest range in the EV6 lineup. When plugged into a 350 kW charger, the battery can reach 80 percent capacity in under 18 minutes.

The EV6 GT uses a suspension with electronically controlled dampers. Electronic limited slip differential provides better grip. Brake discs measure 15 inches at the front and 14.2 inches at the rear.

GT isn’t all about speed. It also has a 1.9 kW capability to load the vehicle to start electric devices, such as when tailgating.

The EV6 GT goes on sale in the US in the fourth quarter of 2022. Pricing for the sporty model starts at $62,695 after a $1,295 destination fee. Buyers receive 1,000 kWh charging credits at Electrify America stations.

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