Keep growing – These are the best-selling green cars in Chile

The crisis has not stopped the commercialization of ecological cars in Chile. Here are the best-selling models.

Best-selling green cars in Chile

During the last months the sale of cars in Chile has declined, however, the market for ecological cars It continues to rise, albeit very slowly.

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In the month of October, the sale of electrified light and medium cars reached a record of 845 units, an increase of 128% if we compare it with the same month of the previous year. In the 10 months so far this year, 5,586 units have already been sold, an increase of 114% compared to the previous year.

According to National Automotive Association of Chile (ANAC), These results are consistent with the increase in the supply of zero and low emission units that are available in the country, “as well as with the greater awareness that exists in the population and in companies of the need to acquire increasingly efficient vehicles that contribute to reducing emissions.”


A large number of these sales are oriented to microhybrids (MHEV)What are they ecological cars which minimize emissions CO2 and NOx. In October, 393 units of this type were added, accumulating 2,222 in the year. For 40% of the total.

The pure electric cars (BEV) continue to rise in triple digit numbers. In October, 177 units were sold and in the accumulated there are already 1,079 (+179.5%). The plugin (PHEV) they are hardly sold in the country, with 37 registrations in October 393 and the normal hybrids (HEV) with 238 units in the month and there are 1,892 in total.

Regarding the ecological part of 3,364 units, it represents 0.93% of the total number of new cars sold in Chile this year. Being 32.2% corresponding to pure electric units, 56.2% are conventional hybrids and only 11.6% are plug-in.

Sales by brand and technology

Light Hybrid Cars (MHEV)

  1. Volvo – 591
  2. geely –573
  3. RAM –391
  4. suzuki –338
  5. Audi – 175

Hybrid Cars (HEV)

  1. Toyota – 1,560
  2. Ford –97
  3. subaru –92
  4. lexus –85
  5. kia – 33

Plug-in hybrid cars (PHEV)

  1. Volvo – 189
  2. bmw –100
  3. Peugeot – 60
  4. DS Automobiles – 12
  5. MINI – 12

Electric Cars (BEV)

  1. Maxus – 3. 4. 5
  2. DS Automobiles – 137
  3. Peugeot – 127
  4. nissan – 65
  5. Hyundai –55

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