Karely Ruiz breaks the silence after a car accident “Everything hurts”

the influencer Karen Ruiz It is being a trend in social networks in the last hours, after he suffered a car crash the night of Monday, October 24.

His state of health has kept his followers on edge. onlyfansso Karelys herself was in charge of giving news.

To contextualize, Karely Ruiz, her sister Ale and at least two of her friends were traveling in the content creator’s truck, who reported through social networks that they were on their way to Tampico, Tamaulipas for the pre-celebration of his 22nd birthday.

Ruiz was in charge of driving to the Tamaulipas coast at night. Everything was going well at the moment, but in a story she said that she gave up the flyer to Isaías García, One of his friends.

Hours later, he reported that they had turned around, but without giving further details, so it is not possible to be sure who was driving or how the events unfolded.

«What we did not want to happen to us happened, everything turned aroundRuiz said in the video that showed how the truck was left after the incident.

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A couple of hours later, Karely Ruiz reported on social networks assuring that she was in good health, although she mentioned that she had some bruises.

Babies, everything is fine, thank God, my whole body hurts, but nothing serious happened, I love you, thank you so much, I’m on my way home, I need to rest”, his message said.

Likewise, Ale Ruiz, The model’s sister also let it be known that she is fine and that she only suffered a few blows.

For now, no further details are known, only that Ruiz’s birthday trip was suspended.

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