Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon asks that they not buy cars and other products during Black Friday for this reason

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The Amazon founder Jeff Bezosrecommended that people not purchase vehicles and other products during the Black Friday 2022.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos advises on shopping this Black Friday

the tycoon Jeff Bezos, advised buyers not to spend too much this Black Friday. How to avoid unnecessary expenses this December in terms of new vehicles and other artifacts.

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Bezos recommended during an interview with CNNthat the acquisition of luxury items should be avoided, especially new cars.

Bezos said: “If you’re an individual thinking about buying a big screen TV, maybe slow down, put that cash away, and see what happens. Same thing with a refrigerator, a new car, whatever. Just take a little risk off the table.” Advising to save the cash for later.

“Eliminate as many risks as you can”, said. “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst” commented Bezos this week.

Bezos announced that almost all of his US$ 124 billion estate will be used to combat climate change and support people who unite humanity in the face of social and political divisions.

The businessman is currently CEO of Amazon holding the position the previous year when Andy Jassy he became the CEO.

Started layoffs after job changes Twitter, Meta, Lyft, etc. due to the high interest rates reported in history. The branches will lay off about 10,000 employees. Kindle e-readers were the most affected.

“There will be further role reductions as leaders continue to make adjustments,” wrote.

“Those decisions will be shared with affected employees and organizations in early 2023. We have not yet concluded exactly how many other roles will be affected.”

jessey notified that in the 18 months that he has been CEO, “Without a doubt, this is the most difficult decision we’ve ever made.”

Thanks to the pandemic, the business remained booming due to online purchases, Amazon It doubled employees from the first quarter of 2020 to 1.62 million two years later.

However, two weeks ago Amazon it froze hiring and its workforce shrank at the start of the year.

For the current quarter, the holiday season, an increase of 2 and 8% is expected year over year.

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