Jeferson Cossio was run over in Qatar

Jeferson Cossio was run over in Qatar

The influencer Jeferson Cossio He suffered an accident at the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a car ran him over.

Jeferson Cossio suffers an accident in Qatar, is run over

The influencer of Colombian origin Yeferson Cossio I travel to Qatar to enjoy the soccer world cup and the beautiful landscapes of the country. The young man who is always active on social networks this time published an accident that he suffered, which alarmed his thousands of followers.

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The Colombian is with his friends ‘DaniBet’ Y ‘The Nit’ so his followers asked if this will be to show content on his channel.

Cosio published a series of images that were taken in the dunes of Qatar showing off his new tattoo on his torso.

On Wednesday he published his attendance at the 974 stadium to see the confrontation between Argentina and Poland, where Argentina was victorious, ensuring their passage to the round of 16.

But what most caught the attention of his followers was the publication of the moment in which he was run over leaving the hotel where he was staying.

“I just got hit by a car outside the hotel. Although the blow to the head was very strong, I think I’m fine. We start December with everything”, he wrote in his stories of Instagram.

At the moment we do not know anything about his health and his friends have not published. The fans were concerned.

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