It is a real lighter, it has an ECO label and for 219 euros a month it wants to be a good alternative to Toyota


Thinking of a hybrid car with low consumption inevitably leads us to think of Toyota. However, the vehicles that meet these requirements are not always in the domains of the Japanese firm, and a clear example of this is the Fiat Tipo, a forgotten compact that for 219 euros per month and with a combined consumption of only 5, 3 liters thanks to a mild-hybrid system wants to be not only a good alternative to the Corolla, but also an interesting purchase.

However, it is necessary to clarify that the Italian house requires financing to be able to get hold of the Type for said monthly payment. In this way, we must read the fine print before venturing into its purchase, since otherwise we can find ourselves with a total price in installments. capable of ruining what promised to be a good offer.

This is the Fiat Tipo that wants to be the worst nightmare of the Toyota Corolla for 219 euros per month

But before talking about numbers, it is necessary to clarify that the Fiat Tipo that can be ours for 219 euros per month does so under a specific configuration. And it is that the Italian compact is welcomed to the Monotrim finish and the 1.5 MHEV enginethat is, access equipment and intermediate engine that, thanks to mild-hybrid technology, grants our protagonist the DGT ECO label.

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This pairing translates into standard equipment made up of 16-inch wheels, automatic climate control, cruise control, electric and defrostable rear-view mirrors, multifunction steering wheel and 7-inch screen with connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto among others.

In terms of mechanics, the Tipo boasts a 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged producing 130 hp and 240 Nm of torque. These figures are managed by means of a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, thus allowing a 0 to 100 in 8.8 seconds and a top speed of 207 km/h. These are not extraordinary figures, but the high point of this mechanics lies in the support of the 48 V mild-hybrid system that helps reduce emissions and declare a combined consumption of 5.3 liters per 100, although yes, under the cycle WLTP.

Now, what are Fiat’s requirements to allow the Type to be ours for 219 euros per month? The first is to face an entry of 6,138.01 euros, a figure that allows us to access 36 installments of 219 euros and a fairly high last one, of 14,755.65 euros. To all this we must add a TIN of 6.99%, an APR of 10.57% and an opening commission of 757.93 euros in cash.

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These are high figures that cause interest to rise to 3,643.83 euros, a figure that makes the total price in installments is a dizzying 29,535.59 euros. Now, is it worth financing the Fiat Tipo? If we compare the numbers with the 24,498 euros that a unit of the same configuration paid in cash costs, the answer is no, but everything will depend on our economic situation, the comfort that payment in installments brings us and the competition of the Italian compact.

The Fiat Tipo in What car do I buy?

And we can find this through What car do I buy?, the comparator of Diariomotor where we will not only discover if the Fiat Tipo is worth more or less than its rivals, but also the largest offer of new vehicles and secondhand of the moment.

Thus, we discovered that the Italian’s greatest rival, the Toyota Corolla, It can end up in our credit for 24,650 euros. In turn, models such as the SEAT León, which also uses a mild-hybrid system, is offered for 28,700 euros. And finally the Hyundai i30, one of the most interesting options that, thanks to the ECO label, it can be ours for 26,195 euros.

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But, what happens if the only one that convinces us is the Fiat Tipo but we don’t get the money for a new one? What can we look for in the used market?. And it is there that we can not only save thousands of euros, but also find more powerful and better equipped units for a lower outlay.


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