It has the power to change any race: what is the safety car and what is its function really?

It has the power to change any race: what is the safety car and what is its function really?

If you like motor racing, you must have seen that a safety car who manages to become the protagonist at the moment in which he has to leave. This usually appears when a mishap occurs on the track to regulate the speed of the other cars. It can be said that it is like a kind of life insurance for the pilots on the track.

In this opportunity you will learn what is safety car, its importance in motor sports and other relevant elements that you should know. At the final you will also learn why the safety car is a challenge for the teams and the cars in competition.

What is the safety car?

The safety car in motor sports, is distinguished as a car used to limit speed on a race track for safety purposes. In adverse weather conditions, the safety car can be used for keep them at a safe speed while allowing the race to continue.

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These cars are also used to regulate speed in case of accidents and other incidents on the track. In general terms, The purpose of the safety car is to ensure that racing cars slow down. causing the drivers to pull up behind the race leader until it is no longer dangerous on the track.

Drivers follow the safety car at a reduced speed while moving away from hazards. The F1 drivers cannot overtake any car as long as the safety car remains on the track.

How is the entry of the safety car indicated on the track?

As a rule, the presence of the safety car on the track is indicated by a yellow flag. This serves to alert drivers that a safety car is on the track and that drivers are entering a caution period. While the caution period lasts drivers should slow down for safety reasons.

The dash lights can also be activated to warn drivers about the safety car. While it is on the track, no driver can overtake itunless the driver of the safety car tells you that passing is acceptable, which is usually done with a flashing green light.

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What does the safety car do when it is not on the track?

The driver of the safety car of the race will remain on hold until the race controllers call it through the communication devices. At that instant, the safety car will enter the race track. The light panels that are on the sides and top of the track will notify when this happens.

Why is the safety car a challenge for the teams and the cars in competition?

The use of the safety car can be controversial, as it can interfere with the strategy of drivers and racing teams, and some people see safety cars as interference. This has to do with Stopping times and speed reduction tend to cool the tires. The loss of overtaking strategies, among others.

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