Is it worth opting for a parking camera? We get you out of doubt


If your car currently does not have a parking camera, chances are good that your next new car will have it built in. Getting a bird’s-eye view of your car while it’s parking is one of the most impressive emerging technologies in cars. Having a parking camera can even be of great help for your own safety.

But you know what is a parking camera? Here we are going to explain it to you, as well as the pros and cons of it.

What is a parking camera?

a parking camera, it is a tiny camera that is placed in the back of the car. Generally, they are usually placed on the tailgate, the license plate holder or on the bumper of the car.


parking cameras they capture what is behind the car and transmit it to the infotainment system or to a dedicated screen in real time. They are good tools for keep track of what’s behind the car while it’s backing up in a parking spot.

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Some of these cameras offer static or bending guidelines to add perspective, helping you determine where your car will end up if it continues to back up.

How does a parking camera work?

the parking camera help the driver to park the carby providing real-time video information of what is behind the car. The video is displayed through the car’s infotainment system. This helps the driver to put the car in the correct position while backing up in a narrow place.

The video captured by the parking camera that the driver sees on the infotainment system reflects exactly what is behind him. This video prevents him from steering the car into an obstacle that he was trying to avoid.

Pros and cons of a parking camera

The advantages that a parking camera provides to the driver are:

  • Makes reversing to park the car somewhere very easy.
  • Almost all parking cameras have guidelines on screen: Two parallel lines that help to enter or exit parking spaces more easily.
  • It shows exactly where you are backing up to.
  • Some cameras also have a center line that can help the driver keep the car centered in space.
  • Some parking cameras offer static or flex patterns that help the driver steer the car into a diagonal gap.
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Disadvantages or problems that can be had with a parking camera:

  • Must be change screen focus to surroundings if driving while going backwards.
  • Some parking cameras do not work well in the dark and show a grainy image or a very dark view of what is behind the car.
  • The blind spots that can be found in the rear are not completely covered by some cameras.
  • It has less benefits than a 360 degree parking camera.

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