Is it possible to turn the Opel Grandland into a captivating car?


When I wasn’t sleepy, I used to think of the Opel Grandland X. When it was launched, it was a frankly bland car. Its design did not risk at any point, like its interior or its dynamics, which complied, but did not stand out at any point. It was a completely anonymous car and devoid of personality. Later, it became Opel Grandland “to dry”, and with its facelifts came a front and a cabin with much more character. But is this enough to make it a captivating car? Maybe the GSe version is the answer.

GSe is the name that Opel uses to designate the sportiest versions of its range, always with plug-in hybrid mechanics. It is a name inspired by the Opel Manta GSe prototype. In the case of Opel Grandland GSe the changes focus on a sportier look and a more dynamic set-up. On a visual level I have to admit that this Grandland GSe gains quite a bit of visual packaging. Its 19-inch wheels are specific, and the body is painted in two-tone, black for the roof and hood, white for the rest.

The Opel Grandland GSe is only available with the most powerful plug-in mechanics and all-wheel drive.

At the front it has striking air intakes and all the wheel arches are body color. At the rear there are specific moldings in the lower part of the bumper and the names of the emblems are tinted black. Inside the changes are more discreet, and are practically limited to a couple of sports front seats, AGR-certified for healthy backs, and upholstered in Alcantara. The set-up of the car is improved thanks to the adoption of Koni FSD shock absorbers frequency selective damping.

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These shock absorbers are joined by revised geometries in the car’s independent suspension, achieving a more balanced and stable behavior, both in curves and at high speed – in the words of Opel. On a mechanical level there are no changes: the Opel Grandland GSe is equipped with the 300 hp plug-in hybrid mechanics and double electric motor which was already available in the Grandland range. The Grandland GSe is capable of accelerating to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. The brand has not yet announced its 100% electric autonomy, but everything points to 59 km WLTP and 1.3 l/100 km of consumption.

Opel has missed the opportunity to equip the 360 ​​hp plug-in mechanics already available on other Stellantis models.

The consumption figure is definitive and is identical to that of the Grandland Ultimate with identical mechanics. The Opel Grandland GSe it is still not a passionate or too captivating car within its segment, but on an aesthetic level it differs enough from other versions and is considerably more attractive than other versions of the Grandland range.

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