Is Fiat thinking of recovering its Fiat Multipla?

Is Fiat thinking of recovering its Fiat Multipla?

Rumors starring Fiat run these days in the corners of the motor world. The brand’s roadmap would include a reorganization of its range to give more weight to SUVs, They continue to be the most demanded models and it is a segment that, despite everything, continues to grow year after year. For this, in Turin they would be evaluating the option of recovering illustrious names such as the Fiat 600 and the Fiat Multipla.

Since Passione Auto Italiane They reveal what Fiat’s plans would be in the short and medium term. The first protagonist would be a hypothetical Fiat 600 (manufactured in Spain as the SEAT 600), which would have nothing to do with the model that everyone has in mind. Its starting point would be the CMP platform, which the PSA Group developed in 2018 for models such as the DS3, the Opel Mokka, the Peugeot 2008 or the new Jeep Avenger.

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It would therefore be a B-segment SUV which would measure about four meters long and will follow, according to the first leaked images, the design language marked by the Fiat 500 although, yes, it will be taller and will offer a larger cabin. It would also be available in several versions: gasoline, hybrid and electric (Fiat 600e).

Is the Fiat Multipla back?

By horse between SUVs in segment B and those in C and also based on the CMP platform, another SUV would arrive in 2024… for which they could recover the name of the Fiat Multipla: something that remains to be seen, since everything indicates that the final nomenclature remains to be determined. If so, it would have nothing to do with the minivan that we all know.

Some say that it will be manufactured in Turkey because Fiat will transfer the production of the Fiat Dobló and its electric version to Vigo to have production capacity; Other information suggests that the plant chosen will be that of Trnava (Slovakia), where until now Peugeot and Citroën models have been shaped.

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The hypothetical future of the Fiat Panda

And the last step on this path that Fiat would have designed would have the Fiat Panda under the spotlight. Using the same CMP platform, the Italians would plan to develop a new model for two markets: South America and Europe. For the former it would mean an update of the Fiat Argo (produced in Brazil) that would be equated to the Fiat Panda (manufactured in Serbia) present in the Old Continent. And it seems that it would be a general utility with the size of a Peugeot 208 or an Opel Corsa.

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