Ineos Plans Three New Models By The End Of The Decade


Ineos Automotive – the company that builds the Grenadier off-roader – has ambitious plans to launch no fewer than three new utilities by the end of the decade. The three vehicles will be positioned very differently and will cover a wide range of potential customers. According to a new report, the first to arrive of the three will be a small electric off-roader.

Car Ineos’ report will push development of EV SUVs in a bid to beat Land Rover with the expected launch of the electric Defender. Work on the new vehicle is believed to be well underway with the British publication reporting that styling is nearing completion and the company is putting the final touches on the platform. In terms of dimensions, the new model – previously believed to be called the Grenadier Sport – will be very similar in size to the Defender 90, which is around 4.3 meters.

Talking about architecture, the EV will reportedly use new underpinnings developed specifically for the electric powertrain. Based on Car, the company is aiming for a range of around 250 miles (400 kilometers) on a single battery charge. Magna Steyr is believed to have been heavily involved in the development of the project. “It will be smaller than the Grenadier and have character all its own, but will still look like a little brother – the family resemblance will be there,” commented Ineos owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

Ineos is also reportedly working on other battery-powered products. It will sit on the same platform and will also offer decent off-road capabilities but will have a more urban styling and stance. The crossover will be the same size as an electric off-roader but will have better on-road behavior than its off-road-focused sibling.

Last but not least, Ineos is also planning a larger luxury model. It will not be a new development but will instead take the form of a heavily upgraded and luxurious version of the Grenadier. It is also expected to lose some of the Grenadier’s off-road prowess as a trade-off for fancier features and better comfort. All three new models are expected to launch in 2030.

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