In this ranking, the Spanish are among the best drivers in the world: who is above and below?


Let’s admit it: at some point, more or less frequently, we have thought that the worst drivers in the world are in our city. In the case of the Spanish, we have been wrong because a study reveals that our country is among the ten best in the world in terms of driving: which countries are above and which are below?

With 1,450 million vehicles in the world, the price comparator ‘Compare The Market’, author of the report, has wanted to know in which countries are the best and worst drivers. For this they have taken into account factors such as the level of traffic, the quality of the roads, the maximum speed limits, the number of deaths per 100,000 inhabitants or the maximum permitted level of alcohol in blood, among others. As you can see, they don’t pay much attention to the real skills of the drivers.

top three countries

Eight of the ten countries with the best drivers are in Europe, although the ranking is headed by Japan: Its low blood alcohol limit (0.03 g) stands out, which is similar to that of Chile or the Czech Republic, and the quality of its roads is among the four best. This means that it is not only a safe country to drive in, but also for pedestrians.

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The Netherlands ranks second because it has one of the lowest levels of deaths (4) on the road per 100,000 inhabitants, equaling Japan, Denmark and Germany. The level of its roads also stands out: they are the second best with a 6.4.

Norway is the third country with the best drivers and it has several noteworthy aspects: number of deaths (2: only Singapore and Switzerland have such a low level), the maximum allowed level of alcohol in blood is 0.02 g and its traffic level (92.6) is among the better: this is a point in favor for emissions and for the time they have to invest in making a journey.

The post of Spain

The list of the ten countries with the best drivers is completed by Estonia, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore and Portugal. Our country ranks eighth with a traffic index of 105.2; a road quality of 5.7 and one of the lowest levels of deaths on the road per 100,000 inhabitants: 4. To this must be added the maximum speed (120 km/h) and the level of alcohol allowed: 0.05 . The global note is 3.72, while that of Japan, for example, is 4.57.

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worst drivers

On the opposite side is Thailand, which, according to this study, is the country with the worst drivers in the world: his global grade is 2.17. The number of deaths in a traffic accident stands out: 32 per 100,000 inhabitants. Peru it is the penultimate one with the worst traffic index (220.4) and the fourth lowest level of road quality (3.2). Lebanon, India and Malaysia round out the top five.

Below are Argentina (where its speed limit stands out, 130 km/h, and the high traffic index: 175), United States, Turkey (with a maximum speed of 140 km/h, the same as in Poland and Bulgaria, and only surpassed by the United Arab Emirates: 160 km/h), Canada (with a permitted alcohol level of 0.08g, same as Singapore and UK) and Brazil, where they emphasize the high number of deaths (16) and the low quality of their roads: 3.

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