Hyundai i20 2024 is spied in broad daylight in South Korea (+ IMAGES)

Hyundai i20 2024 is spied in broad daylight in South Korea (+ IMAGES)

New spy images of Hyundai i20 2024 in broad daylight they reveal a little more in South Korea although it will be sold in Europe.

Hyundai i20 2024

Hyundai is working on the development of a relevant update for its popular utility. The third generation Hyundai i20 It will come with a facelift.

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The model must compete in a voracious segment, so it must be on a par with its competition.

The new Hyundai i20 2024 It was seen in broad daylight at the end of October in South Korea, with details on the exterior of the prototype. Although it is not marketed in that country because it is exclusive to Europe.

It is produced in a facility that Hyundai has in Turkey, where the Hyundai i10along with other models of the firm.

Almost the entire exterior is covered with camouflage being a facelift, the design changes will be seen in the front. The optical groups, the grill and the bumper will be renewed.

Its main update will be in the rear lights that will maintain their external shape. Modifying its interior distribution. Hoping that the bumper also arrives with changes.

The model will come with a choice of gasoline engines. 48-volt Light Hybrid (MHEV) technology will be upgraded. So your updates will be directed towards your motor skills. With a manual gearbox or an automatic transmission. Available with front-wheel drive only.

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