Hurricane, the 526 hp Golf R created by Volkswagen to become the terror of the Autobahn


We could say that Volkswagen has gone crazy, because after knowing what the meteoric Golf R Hurricanein your head only the word madness will resonate… although blessed madness, everything is said. Imagine taking a Volkswagen Golf R and receiving the green light to push its 2.0 TSI engine to the limit.improve its set-up with the best parts from the Volkswagen group and to all this add the possibility of manufacturing a tailored suit that makes it clear what the intentions of the new king of Hot Hatches are.

With their sights apparently set on the Wörthersee Festival to be held on the Austrian lake of the same name, the apprentices at Volkswagen Group Retail Germany have rushed to create what could be the big star of this edition. We are talking about a creation at the level of prototypes impossible to forget like the GTI W12 Concept or the most recent GTI Next Level.

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Unfortunately the Golf R Hurricane and its 526 CV will not reach the streets, but they are a showcase of what the sportiest Golf is capable of.

To give life to the Golf R Hurricane, whose name hides a tribute to the Lamborghini Huracan, the Volkswagen apprentices got to work with the 2.0 TSI with 320 hp and 420 Nm from the Golf R. Introducing a new HGP-sourced turbocharger, new ECU, manifolds, injectors, etc. The maximum power has been raised to 526 CV, reaching a maximum torque of 629 Nm. All this power is transmitted to the ground through a 7-speed DSG transmission that is linked to the new 4Motion all-wheel drive system with Torque Splitter rear differential.


Although Volkswagen has not offered too many performance figures, the Volkswagen Golf R Hurricane will greatly improve the 4.7 seconds that the conventional Golf R uses to do 0-100 km/hsince in addition to the increase in power, In the Hurricane, 200 kg of weight have also been eliminated. The speed for its part will be greater than 300 km / h.

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The extra sweets that this hypervitaminated Golf R hides also includes specific suspensions with lowered height, carbon-ceramic brakes inherited from the Audi R8 at the front and the Audi S8 at the rearnew forged wheels from MB Design and Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R semi-slick tires. Inside, the rear seats have been removed, a rollover protection cage has been installed and two spectacular RECARO bucket seats made of carbon fiber.

And if it was not enough, The Volkswagen Golf R Hurricane sports an extremely striking aesthetic in a two-tone configurationusing the color Eiffel Green as the main painting, but combining it with different designs in black. This color combination is replicated inside, giving life to a very sporty cabin where leather, alcantara and carbon fiber are combined to give life to a very, very serious Hot Hatch.

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