Huawei Hi Car: the Chinese alternative to Android Auto, is updated and gets new features

Huawei HiCar comes with new updated functions being an alternative to Android Auto.

Huawei HiCar

Huawei HiCar, The service of the Chinese giant came to us in the year 2020, to grant us an intelligent vehicle through the ecosystem Huawei. Now it shows updates.

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It showcases a number of new features such as an adaptive home screen mode that docks based on whether it’s day or night using geolocation.

Another of the updates allows us to quickly share route information through our telephone and the service of Huawei on the car screen.


These are the seven main functions that it has Huawei HiCar for our car:

  • Instant connectivity: Upon entering the car, a smartphone automatically connects without the need for activation
  • One-click navigation: The interface is simpler and faster to use than with previous navigation systems
  • Home monitoring: Users can remotely control their home from the vehicle screen
  • Fatigue monitoring: Using artificial intelligence, abnormal driver behavior can be detected with the help of a camera on the instrument panel and a heart rate sensor in a watch
  • Gesture recognition: Specific hand gestures can be used to adjust the volume, change songs or phone calls
  • Video calls: Manage video calls using the car’s screen, microphone and speakers with a smartphone’s 5G network connection
  • Application Sharing: share apps Android from a smartphone to the car’s infotainment system

Currently it is a system with more functions that allow a more significant utility, hopefully it will soon reach other parts of the world.

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