How to put the voice of Sebastián Piñera in the Waze? – to die of laughter (+Video)

How to put the voice of Sebastián Piñera in Waze
How to put the voice of Sebastián Piñera in Waze

The low worlds of the network always bring something new and this time it is to die of laughter, since users of social networks are sharing a waze link but with the voice of Sebastian Piñera. That’s right, now you can make your trips listening to the Chilean politician, businessman and former president narrating the journey.

What is Waze and how does it work?

First of all, in case you are not informed, Waze is a navigation and GPS app driven mainly by the user community (the drivers of the app) who use it every day. Not only guides through the shortest possible route while driving, but it is also particularly useful if you need information about different events that may have occurred on the route that needs to be taken to reach the destination route.

This is possible thanks to the fact that it is based on the information provided by the community in real time, allowing it to be guided on the right path.

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Currently, the platform has more than 100 million users, which usually share important information about what they find on the road. In this way, Waze is constantly updated about the elements or events that can slow down progress, or that could put you in danger (for example, an object on the road or an accident). it’s possible download Waze via Google Play Y app store.

How to put the voice of Sebastián Piñera in Waze


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  • TomTom AmiGO: The competition from Waze and Google Maps on Android Auto

How to put the voice of Sebastián Piñera in the Waze?

As we mentioned earlier, a waze link is being shared through WhatsApp. The link is “Piñera”, which is an audio pack with phrases recorded by an impersonator of the former President of the Republic of Chile and which has the basic indications that the application provides to its users.

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Some of the phrases contained in the 39 personalized boxes are: «Are you ready? Of course I do, always prepared in a solid and democratic way. Let’s go», «Danger of tusunami reported later», «There are police reported later Let the black know!», «You have reached my destination how my government will do it».

Although it should be made clear that the initiative is not official of the application, since anyone can register personalized directions in Waze and share them via a link with your friends. You can enter the following link if you are interested in obtaining this fun Piñera voice link.

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