How to avoid paying taxes for the car if we are not going to use it without giving the definitive cancellation: this is the temporary cancellation


It is possible that the situation arises in which we have to spend some time without using our car. For example, if we go to live in another city for a few months for work reasons and it is not interesting for us to take our car, or we go abroad but we plan to return. In these cases, if we are not using the car, it does not make much sense that we are paying all the taxes that having it entails. For these occasions there is temporary low, a way to avoid paying taxes if you are not going to move your car.

What is temporary leave?

Temporary leave is a procedure that allows us to disable our car for a limited period of time. In this way, while you are on sick leave, it will not be necessary for us to pay the circulation tax.

Have a maximum duration of one year, and during the time that the vehicle is deregistered, we won’t be able to circulate with it.


It is important to know that a car that is parked on a public road or not, must have insurance and ITV up to date, so if you are going to write off the car, you must store it on private property. In this way you will not have to pay insurance or pass the ITV.

How does temporary leave differ from permanent leave?

The definitive cancellation is made when a car has reached the end of its useful life. In these cases, it will be taken to a scrapyard, it will be written off and the car will be destroyed.

In the case of temporary deregistration, we deregister the car for a period of time because we know that we are going to use it again soon. Car it does not get destroyed, if not during the time he is off you can’t ride with it, but whenever we want we can register it again and use it.

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In addition, permanently deregistering a car is a free procedure, while the temporary one costs us 8.67 euros.

When will we need to temporarily deregister a car?

As we said at the beginning of the article, we may go to work or study abroad and leave our car in Spain. If we are not going to move it for a while, we can cancel it and thus we will not have to pay the circulation tax. The same thing happens even if we don’t leave the country, If we are in Spain but for some reason we are going to spend some time without using it, we can also temporarily remove it.

It is also good to do when we deliver the vehicle to a purchaser, in this way we will avoid complications when we no longer take care of the car.

Another of the occasions in which we can temporarily cancel the vehicle is when it is stolen from us. If it appears, it will allow us to register it later.

Even if we have a fairly serious breakdown and right now we cannot pay for the repair but later yes, temporarily deregistering it is an interesting option.

How do you temporarily cancel a car?

To write off a car, we can do it in person requesting an appointment for the Traffic Headquarters or Office and submitting all the required documentation.

We also have the option to online through the DGT application where we can fill out the application, then they will send us a message to the email that we indicate with a proof of cancellation.

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What documentation do we need to temporarily deregister our car?

If we do it online we will need:

  • The digital certificate, electronic DNI or cl@ve credentials in order to access the service.
  • Pay the corresponding fee which is 8.67 euros that can be paid in the same form. If we have paid it previously, we only have to enter the rate number, which is indicated on the proof of purchase.
  • In the application record We will have to fill in the contact information, the notification method and put the car’s license plate.

If we do the procedure in person, we will have to present:

  • The completed paper application They give it to us at the Traffic Headquarters.
  • Spanish DNI, passport or driving license
  • If you are a minor or disabled you will have to present the data of the father, mother or guardian, the DNI and the document that proves the concept.
  • Proof of payment of the fee.

Who can apply for temporary leave?

To apply for temporary car removal, it is necessary be the owner or be authorized by the owner to do it.

If we want to authorize someone we can appoint a representative with the Registry of Powers of Attorney of the DGT. We can also do it in person with the authorization model of the DGT “Awarding of representation” which proves that the interested party authorizes another person to make the request.

Can the time of temporary leave be extended?

Although it is true that the maximum of this drop is one year, we can request an extension up to two months before the end of the current leave. We will have to follow the same steps as when we request the temporary withdrawal.

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The time that our car will be low will increase one year which will come into force when the first temporary leave ends.

How can we re-register a car?

The first thing you should know is that at the time the temporary withdrawal period ends, the car will automatically return to the administrative registration situation.

If we want to register him before the temporary leave ends, we have to request it from the DGT and the procedure will cost us 8.67 euros.

We can do it by Internet and fill out the application or in person presenting the completed application, a document that identifies us such as the DNI or passport and proof of payment.

This process can also be carried out persons authorized by the owner of the car, presenting the same documents as to cancel the car.

Before driving the car again, we have to pass the ITV and take out insurance.

Of course, if you think you’re not going to use the car again, and it’s too old to sell, Perhaps it is best to terminate it permanently.

Now you know that there is an option to not pay so many taxes if you are not going to use the car for a while.


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