How much does it cost to maintain a Bugatti Chiron?

In this article we will indicate how much does the maintenance of a Bugatti Chiron?

What is the cost of monthly maintenance for a Bugatti Chiron?

Being a super sports car enthusiast is great, but it comes with consequences, especially when it comes to maintenance.

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A sports vehicle includes fuel, maintenance, insurance, depreciation and repair costs, which are usually high costs.

A Porsche It’s not as economical to drive as a Toyota CorollaThanks to the channel YouTube Vehicle Virgins we can get an idea of ​​what it costs to maintain a Bugatti.

An amazing supercar dealership full of amazing stock

After visiting a new supercar dealership, through a panoramic camera he confirms that The Pupil Of Fatehas a peculiar name like the cars it shows.


A Ferrari classic, a Jaguar XF 600 hp and a sedan Aston Martin of US$ 1 million known as Lagonda Taraf, they are part of the rare, exotic and special editions that are exhibited there. We also see an edition ‘Q’ of Aston Martin One-77which is 1 of 77 existing units on the market.

In the video we observe the beautiful cabin of the McLaren Speedtail. The great thing about this video is to appreciate the Bugatti Chiron.

Here we learn about the average cost of McLaren and other sources, the estimate is based on an average US price of $3.8 million for a Bugatti Chiron hypercar.

Along with 10% California sales tax, a total sales tax of $380,000, for a total purchase price of $4.18 million.

A 20% down payment would be $836,000 with an interest rate of 5% for 60 months for $63,000 per month. Adding insurance and maintenance would bring the total per month to over $77,000. Although for those who earn enough it is not a relevant cost.

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