He lost his arms in an accident, now he drives with his feet and holds the Guinness record for drifting

Bartosz Ostalowski, a man who in 2006 lost his arms as a result of an accident on motorcycle. From that moment, his life took a 180º turn, and today he is in the news for to have achieved a Guinness record associated with driving.

Ostalowski, A native of Polonius, he learned to drive very well with his feet, so much so that he became a professional drift driver or skids.

The man entered the record book after skidding in a car at 231 kmp. The machine used was a bmw m3 of the E92 generation, evidently modified to facilitate driving with the feet.

The historical record was set at Pila Airport, Poland, when it reached 276.8 kilometers per hour in full skid and then maintained the record speed of 231.66 km/h It is a sector of 50 meters. In this area it skidded at an angle of 60º.

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The vehicle had in its bowels a 7.0 V8 gasoline engine liters capable of production 1,000 HP and 1,280 Nm of maximum torque. That power is managed by a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive. Ostalowski activates it through a harness on the right shoulder.

The man uses his right leg to operate the acceleration and braking pedals, and with his left he moves the steering wheel.

With this record, I made motorsport history”, declared Bartosz after achieving the milestone.

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