Give an SUV a touch of spice, or how you can tune it in Japan without too many inconveniences

Give an SUV a touch of spice, or how you can tune it in Japan without too many inconveniences

When we think of tuners, aesthetic kits designed for supercars or high-performance vehicles always come to mind. And that is why it is striking that Auto Exe has thrown the blanket over its head to equip the Mazda CX-8, a 7-seater SUV that is marketed in Japan and that is now You can enjoy an extra spiciness thanks to the Japanese preparer and its aesthetic kit.

And it is that in this world there are people for everything, and also to modify an SUV without any kind of claim beyond that of comfortably carrying the whole family. But maybe in Japan the fetish of giving that high point to a car like the Mazda CX-8 is in full swing, and it is clear that, if so, Auto Exe did not want to be left without that piece of the cake.

This is the Auto Exe aesthetic kit, the formula to spice up your SUV

In this way, the front of the Mazda CX-8 loses all chrome elements and receives an aggressive splitter in the defense and a new grill with horizontal slats. The side of the Japanese SUV has the same fate, where we find new wedge rims, skirts to match the splitter and wheel arches and black rear-view mirrors. But the crucial point of this creation is found in the rear.

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And it is in this area where we discovered a sizable spoiler crowning the trunk lid, a diffuser in tune with the rest of the modifications and a more suggestive double exhaust outlet. Although yes, Auto Exe has not been in charge of making modifications in the mechanical section, which may be led by a 2.2 Skyactive D diesel engine or by a 2.5 Skyactive-G.

But what we can do is buy the parts individually and tune the CX-8 to our liking. In this way, we will have to pay 183 euros for the heels, 590 euros for the diffuser, 590 euros for the spoiler, 620 euros for the grill and another 620 euros for the front splitter. A dose of personality or a nice way to waste money?

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