From the cheapest compact SUV on the market, to the sports car you’ll dream of having in your garage


A year and a half ago one of those prototypes was uncovered that, in principle, and however exciting they may be, one does not expect it to be translated into a definitive car, that can be seen on the street, that can be seen and touched in a dealership and that, ultimately, can be bought. The MG Cyberster Conceptproposed an electric sports car, with a radical and aggressive design and with performance that is hard to beat, from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, to about 800 kilometers of autonomy.

This prototype, saving all distances, made us recall a cult sports car, the MG F / TF, from the British manufacturer Morris Garage that has now resurfaced with a range in which there is room for the most economical SUV on the market, the MG ZS , electric like the MG 4, and soon for halo products, and aspirational, like the sports car that concerns us today.

Today we can tell you that the MG Cyberster Concept will result in an electric sports car that will reach dealerships. And judging by the information that reaches us from the United Kingdom, from the hand of the Commercial Director of MG UK, Guy Pigounakis, could be set to be introduced next year and land in dealerships in early 2024.

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MG’s ambitious plan in Europe

In his statements to the magazine Coach, Pigounakis pointed out that this sports car “will change the rules of the game in terms of brand perception”. And it is that at a time when the European market begins to witness the landing of an unprecedented deployment of Chinese manufacturers, MG’s strategy seems like the most ambitious and, judging by its evolution, the one that could be most effective so that, on its return, MG can measure itself face to face with European manufacturers and even top the best-seller lists.

According to October registration data provided by ANFAC, the MG ZS (1,056 registrations in October) would have already positioned itself as one of the best-selling SUVs in Spain, ahead of high-volume products such as SEAT Arona (1,017), Renault Captur (888), Dacia Duster (681), SEAT Ateca (670) or Peugeot 2008 (635).

Let us think that MG has reached these figures when it is still taking the first steps to publicize its range and is still expanding its dealer network, which in 2023 should cover most of the Spanish provincial capitals. And that the launch of another of the brand’s most attractive products is beginning, a MG 4 that with a price of €21,280 (including MOVES and discounts), is an electric compact that is at prices similar to and lower than its diesel and gasoline alternatives (the SEAT León cheaper from €22,950).

MG hopes to grow with a range in which there will be room for very cheap products, such as ZS, electric at the price of its diesel and gasoline rivals, such as MG 4, and also more aspirational products, such as the sports car at hand.

An electric Mazda MX-5 or MG’s Tesla Roadster?

They say that comparisons are odious, although also it is inevitable that this sports car has already been typecast as the electric rival of the Mazda MX-5. The only certain thing is that at the moment no product that resembles it is marketed, pending Tesla Roadster that continues to be delayed.

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for now, MG would have ruled out that it is a natural replacement for the MG F and TF and, still not knowing the prices at which it will be located, it does seem that it will have different versions, including one with a single axle (probably the rear), and a more performance-oriented all-wheel drive.

also remains to be seen To what extent will this sports car resemble the 2021 prototype?. The video above, released by MG this summer, should give us a closer look at some of the features coming to production, such as the use of an electric retractable top system, and also hopefully retain some of the most striking aspects, such as the use of scissor doors.

We will continue to be very attentive to the news that comes to us to get to know what this electric sports car will be like, which will undoubtedly arouse passions.

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