From a Golf to a supercar with 830 CV and 560,000 euros, Carlos Sainz has made himself the best self-gift


Some of the best car collections are or have been in the hands of Formula 1 drivers, however this rule is not always followed and the clearest example is Carlos Sainz Jr. The Scuderia Ferrari driver has remained faithful to his first and only car so far, a Volkswagen Golf given to him by his parents.fulfilling a dream by giving himself one of the most powerful and coveted supercars of the moment, and that is that Carlos Sainz’s new car is an 830 CV Ferrari whose price is around 560,000 euros.

Drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg or even Fernando Alonso have garages valued at millions of euros, but at the other extreme we find a young Carlos Sainz who, despite his successful sporting career, was still faithful to the Volkswagen Golf that gave him his parents gave him when he turned 18. The driver from Madrid had not bought a car until now, something he was willing to remedy and he has done it in style.

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In 2021 Carlos Sainz placed himself in the hands of Ferrari’s Tailor Made division to make a very special order. to the Maranello factory. Within the exclusivity that a Ferrari 812 Competizione already represents, the sportiest and most radical version of the 812 Superfast, Sainz wanted to personalize this berlinetta down to the last detail to make it a truly unique car.. Throughout this video we can see part of the process, discovering the almost infinite world of possibilities that exists in terms of customization and integration of details, something that results in a model from which no two identical pieces will be manufactured.


As Sainz explains, the choice of the 812 Competizione is given for two clear reasons, firstly for its characteristic design, and secondly for the use of an atmospheric V12, quite a rare bird on the market and which unfortunately has an expiration date now that the future can only be imagined electric. With 6.5 liters and a turning ceiling of 9,500 rpm, the Ferrari 812 Competizione declares 830 CV of maximum poweris able to do 0-100 km/h in 2.85 seconds and its top speed is 340 km/h.

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Delivered at the Ferrari facilities in Madrid (Santogal), the real price of this Ferrari 812 Competizione in a coupe body has not been revealed and it will really be difficult for us to know the exact amount given the degree of customization it has. However we talk about a car whose price moves around 560,000 euroshaving everything to become a highly valued collector’s item over the years.


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