Ford Ranger Raptor against Mercedes G-Class, the most epic fight in the 4×4 World Cup [EP9-11]


The Diariomotor 4×4 World Championship faces its final stretch, giving us today what can be the most epic and close battle of this competition. Two true 4×4 colossi are fighting today for the first place in the final of this world championship, which means putting a lot at stake and having to face even more difficult tests. Today’s duel will always be remembered, because Ford Ranger Raptor and Mercedes G-Class face each other todaytwo very different ways of understanding off-road driving, but also two of the best cars that exist today to do extreme off-road.

Phase after phase, the most capable SUVs in this world championship have emerged as candidates for the title with more or less suffering. However, the phase change that gives way to the semifinals raises the bar again, not only in terms of the participating cars, but also in relation to the tests to be overcome. The level of difficulty and risk in the obstacles increases significantly, which for the cars will be a real torturebut for all of us it will mean attending a real spectacle.

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The first of our contenders today is the Ford Ranger Raptor, or what is the same, the most capable pick-up on the market today. This first generation of the Raptor is an atypical SUV, because far from the traditional philosophy of pick-ups as simple work vehicles, this car’s main objective is to be able to run at full speed over rough terrain without any fear of breaking anything. This translates into a suspension that is an absolute reference in this world championshipbeing accompanied by a generous ground clearance, 100% off-road tires, gearbox, rear differential lock and very effective off-road traction control.


And in front of the American pick-up appears the all-powerful and luxurious Mercedes G-Class. The quintessential Mercedes SUV offers in this second generation a recipe that is unrivaled, because under an ode to luxury and exclusivity, it hides a true SUV that boasts one of the most efficient 4×4 traction systems that exist. To achieve this, the G-Class combines an automatic transmission with a reduction gear, triple differential lock, specific traction control for off-roading and remarkable heights and ground clearance to overcome obstacles with astonishing ease.

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Grab a nice bucket of popcorn because we promise you haven’t seen a tighter 4×4 duel than this.


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