Ford issues recall of more than 400,000 cars for rear-view camera issues

Ford issues a new withdrawal 462,000 vehicles all over the world for reverse camera problems that would be linked to 17 minor crashes and resulted in 2,115 reports warranty as of November 30, 2022.

The problem is related to the Ford Explorer and the lincoln aviator 2020-2023 in addition to the lincoln corsair 2020-2022. According to Ford, there are 382,759 vehicles affected by this problem with the United States, and it is likely that some cars will face a second repair for a similar problem.

The models are being recalled for a problem with one or more of the 360º vision cameras. Drivers can lose transmission at key moments.

According to reports, a blue screen appears on the affected camera’s infotainment screen feed. This is supposedly causing accidents.

Ford became aware of the issue in October 2021, shortly after another recall was issued for a similar bug. In January 2022, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided further evidence of the failure.

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The manufacturer notes that its investigation into the problem revealed that there were two faults that resulted in similar complaints from customers.

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In December 2022, Ford began noticing an increase in warranty claims, forcing it to issue a stop on the Explorer Aviator and Corsair.

Despite the claims and 17 minor crashes, Ford says it is not aware of any injuries from this breakdown.

The solution to the problem is a software upgrade for the imaging module at no charge to customers. However, owners will need to bring the vehicle to the dealer for such an update.

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