Ford Bronco burns to the ground due to suspected short circuit

A Facebook user reported that a ford bronco it burned completely due to a brake malfunction. The driver claims he evaded a deer, but the ABS system failed, causing a series of problems that led to a fire.

The deer escaped unscathed, but the Ford Bronco won’t be hitting the road again. The report is published in Bronco 6th Gen and the person affected is a friend of David Hobbs, a man from Iowa.

Had to slam on the brakes to dodge a deer and 7 miles down the highway the ABS locked the brakes and blew out the brake line and then shorted and started catching fire”says Hobbs.

What isn’t known is where it caught fire first, how the fire progressed, and whether it was a fluke or something other homeowners should keep on their toes. Similar situations are not recorded.

Ford Broncos feature a 2.3-liter, which has had a known issue with the vacuum effort line to the brake. That makes the pedal difficult to press, but it doesn’t seem to have to do with this case.

It will be necessary to be attentive to fire situations with Ford Broncos from now on to discover the root of the problem. That or the owner provide more information about it.

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