For less than 13,000 euros, this would be the SUV that I would buy before the end of the year


It is true that in Diariomotor we have dealt with the offer of the MG ZS on countless occasions. Not only because it is a product with a very good value for money as My partner and friend Sergio already demonstrated in his testbut also because it is one of the few cars that keeps unchanged its price of 12,950 eurosoffer that is one of the main reasons why it would be the SUV that I would buy before the end of the year.

Yes, it is a price that is subject to financing with the Chinese firm MG, but that is offset by two aspects: The first is that a year of comprehensive insurance is included, and the second that the spot price is still really good. To all this we must add a generous standard equipment and a perfectly valid car to go from A to B without any kind of pretense.

This is the MG ZS that I would buy for less than 13,000 euros

But before talking about numbers, we must clarify that the MG ZS offered and that it can end up in our garage before the end of 2022 for 12,950 euros has a specific configuration. This is none other than the Chinese SUV associated with the finishComfort and the 1.5 VTI-tech enginethat is, the two access options, but this should not be seen as something negative.

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In this way, we find elements such as 17-inch wheels, full LED headlights, rear parking sensor, air conditioning, tire pressure control system and 10.1-inch touch screen with connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But if we want to go one step further, we must know that the Luxury finish, the top of the range, It is available with the same engine for 14,950 eurosand adds to the formula 360º camera, heated front seats, Virtual Cokcpit, satellite navigation and six speakers among others.

In terms of mechanics, the MG ZS boasts a simple engine but that will allow us to meet our daily needs and enjoy a scheme that, being less complex than other more powerful ones, the possibility of having breakdowns will be lower. It is thus a 1.5-liter four-cylinder atmospheric engine developing 106 hp and 141 Nm of torque.

Neither consumption nor performance are extraordinary with a combined 6.6 liters per 100 and with a 0 to 100 in 10.9 seconds and a top speed of 175 km/h. But I insist that it is not a car designed to run, but to be as efficient as possible at a very contained price, a pairing with which I personally believe that the MG ZS complies.

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But, what happens when we are going to pay the 12,950 euros that MG asks for the ZS? The truth is that the Chinese brand does not offer too many details of the financing, beyond referring to the fact that it is a Multi-option system. However, if we decide to opt for cash payment, we must know that the price to pay amounts to 15,950 euros.

The MG ZS in What car do I buy?

Although it is true that the MG ZS seems to me one of the smartest options that we can buy today within the SUV segment, It is also necessary to clarify that it is not the only interesting. And that is what we discovered through What car do I buy?the Diariomotor comparator where we find the largest offer of new cars and secondhand.

In this way, we discover that we can get hold of a Hyundai Bayon for a very interesting 15,540 euros. Another alternative to take into account is, without a doubt, the Dacia Duster, that can end up in our garage for 16,594 euros. The SsangYong Tivoli also establishes itself as a smart option with a price of 16,900 euros.

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But if the MG ZS is the option to choose, we must know that there are already units on the second-hand market. Thus, we can save a few hundred euros on one of the cars with the best value for money in these dark times for the new car.


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