Finding the cheapest ITV does not depend on you, but on your community

Finding the cheapest ITV does not depend on you, but on your community

Every four years, every two or annually: passing the Technical Inspection of your vehicle is an obligation that all drivers must comply with. Assuming this, there are many who make an effort to find the station with the most affordable prices. The problem is that finding the cheapest ITV does not depend on us: we will have to assume the figure of our autonomous community.

The non-governmental organization ‘FACUA-Consumers in action’ has carried out A study in which the protagonist is the price of the ITV. One of the main results is the average cost of this procedure in our country:35.98 euros for gasoline cars (3.6% more than in 2021) and 43.51 euros for diesel (4.3% more than the previous year). These figures include 21% VAT (7% of the Canarian IGIC, 9% of the IPSI of Ceuta and 4% of that of Melilla), but not the Traffic rate: in 2022 it is 4.18 euros for all inspections, while in 2021 it was 4.14 euros.

Differences of more than 30 euros

As we have already explained on other occasions, in most of the autonomous communities there is a public concession system for the operation of the stations, in others it is the regional administration (through public companies) that controls them, as in Andalusia (Veiasa) or Asturias (Itvasa), and in the case of Madrid they are private. Depending on the region, in addition, the rate system is different.

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This freedom translates into huge differences in ITV prices. According to ‘FACUA-Consumers in Action’, the price of the inspection for a gasoline car can be up to 185.4% higher, depending on the autonomous community where it is carried out. In the case of diesel it can reach 116.1%. If we translate these percentages into euros, we would be talking about up to 33 (diesel) and 30 euros (gasoline) difference between the most expensive and the cheapest.

Gasoline: the most expensive and cheapest communities

The Valencian Community is the autonomy with the most expensive ITV for gasoline cars: 48.55 euros. It is followed by the Basque Country (47.44 euros), Ceuta (46.73 euros) and the Community of Madrid. Here, the average of the stations surveyed is 45.40 euros.

The stations with the most affordable prices are in Mallorca, where management depends on each Island Council: 17.01 euros. Murcia completes the podium with a rate of 22.30 euros (in the center managed directly by the regional government), Andalusia with 26.19 euros (vehicles of less than 1,600 cubic centimeters) and 35.40 euros (the rest) and, Lastly, Extremadura with a price of 29.25 euros at the stations managed by the administration.

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Diesel: the most expensive and cheapest communities

In the case of diesel passenger cars, the Valencian Community repeats with the highest prices: 63.22 euros. It is followed by Madrid (63.22 euros) and Ceuta (55.43 euros). At the opposite end of the scale are the public stations of Extremadura (29.25 euros), Andalucía (30.79 euros for passenger cars with less than 1,600 cc), Murcia (30.90 euros) and Mallorca (30.92 euros).

How the price of the ITV has risen

FACUA’s analysis reveals that only a third of the rates have been frozen and have not experienced variations compared to 2021. As we pointed out before, the price of the ITV for a gasoline car has increased by 3.6% compared to 2021 and 4.3% in the case of diesel.

The sharpest rise has been experienced in the Valencian Community. The Supreme Court annulled the discounts that the Generalitat Valenciana approved in 2014 and 2019: a decision that has forced them to return, provisionally, to the 2011 regulations and to the prices that were in force until 2013. This has meant an increase of 21 .2% for gasoline passenger cars and 43.2% for diesel.

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The second largest rise is found in Madrid: gasoline passenger cars pay 7.7% more and diesel 2.7% more. In the Basque Country, For its part, the increase was 5.4% in both types of vehicle. The opposite situation has been experienced in Galicia, where the prices for the inspection of gasoline and diesel cars have dropped by 1.41% compared to those of 2021.

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